About Radio Taxis

At Radio Taxis we use our experience and distinctive spirit to supply the finest ground transportation service, in a city that is multifaceted. London is a hive of activity and we do our best to service businesses in the community.

Driving people from A to B has been our trade since the early 1950s, and as the challenges through the decades have become more demanding, we’ve stepped up to the mark and delivered - quite literally. Radio Taxis employs knowledgeable people; has the best technology; and more importantly for this era, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy that underpins our values and company ethos.

We are an all-encompassing ground transportation company. Our business provides services to personal clients, medium sized companies, large corporations, as well as Government Agencies and the Public Sector. Whether you require a taxi, a chauffeur driven vehicle or need to make a secured delivery, Radio Taxis can be relied upon to assist. All of these services are underpinned by our investment in the latest technology to make bookings as easy and convenient as possible using voice recognition software, and the Internet.

Radio Taxis is made up of 2,500 individual drivers who are supported by approximately 200 full time staff based in two London offices.

Contact Details:


Radio Taxis Group Limited
Mountview House
Lennox Road
N4 3TX

Telephone Booking Number:

020 7272 0299