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London Taxi Vehicles

The Vehicles

There are currently 4 makes of vehicle licensed to ply for hire in London:

  • LTI (London Taxis International) - FX4 taxi, Fairway taxi, Fairway Driver taxi, TX1 taxi, TX2 taxi & TX4 taxi.
  • Metrocab - Series 1 Metrocab, Series 2 Metrocab, Series 3 Metrocab & TTT Metrocab.
  • Asquith taxi
  • Eco City Vehicles - Mercedes Benz Vito taxi.

London Taxis International

In 1984 London Taxis International (LTI) was formed by Manganese Bronze Ltd who by then owned both Carbodies and Mann and Overton. LTI in turn is split into two business units:
- London Taxis International which manufactures London Black Taxis;
- Mann & Overton which retails and provides maintenance services for taxis in the major cities of the United Kingdom.

LTI Vehicles are makers of the most popular current taxis. The most recent model is the LTI TX4 taxi which was first produced in 2006. Preceding this were the TX2 in 2002 and the TX1 in 1997. Before this they made the Fairway Driver (1992 to 1997) the Fairway from 1989 to 1992. Before this was the FX4.

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