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Metrocab UK

Metrocab began making taxis under the name Metrocab MCW in 1987. The vehicle had a Ford Transit 2.5 litre diesel engine and incorporated many notable features for a taxi. The bodywork was constructed from fibreglass. It was the first Hackney carriage model to have disc brakes as standard, it also had a seven-passenger seat option, and wheelchair access. The taxicab manufacturing business was sold by MCW to Reliant in 1989 and the vehicle remained in production with Metrocab, the new company. The Metrocab was replaced by the Metrocab TTT, a development of it, in 2000 — shortly after ownership of the company had passed from Reliant to Hooper. All production ceased in April 2006.

They made the Metrocab Series 1, 2 and 3 taxi and most recently the Metrocab TTT.


An honourable mention must go to the Asquith taxi. A reproduction cab styled on the original Austin High Lot, there are ten Asquiths licensed to ply for hire on the streets of London. However, most drivers use them for private functions.

The Asquith is an English automobile built since 1981 and originally based in Great Yeldham, Essex.

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