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As an experienced and qualified London Taxi Guide, BA.Hons (History), Licensed Taxi Driver and Londoner, Graham is the best choice to provide tours of London's great historical sites and scenes.

Graham's tours are conducted in his cab, across the city - literally, the perfect vehicle for sightseeing. He collects his clients from anywhere in central London and at the end of the tour will drop them off anywhere they choose in central London.

During a three hour tour you can expect to see four Royal Palaces; three Cathedrals; and at least three places of Public Execution; scenes of riot and ribaldry, crime and grime; and sites of pomp and power, wealth and fame.

There are numerous stops on the tour, so that passengers can stretch their legs, take photographs and where Graham can point out the details and interest that surround your stop.

Taxi tours of London start from three hours but can last up to eight hours and journeys can be made out of London to Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace. Themed tours of London can also be arranged (see Tours & Prices and FAQ's)

For the curious, the places you may expect to visit during a tour include Buckingham Palace, St James Palace, Tower of London, Kensington Palace; Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, St Paul's Cathedral, Southwark Cathedral; Marble Arch (Tyburn), Newgate, Tower Hill, Smithfield; Mansion House, Monument and Mayfair; Borough, Bloomsbury and Covent Garden. You'll visit the streets of Dickens, Chaucer and Shakespeare; Jack the Ripper, Jack Shepherd and Spring Heeled Jack himself.

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