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London Cabbie.com

What we do
London-Cabbie provides specialist tours of London in a taxi.
Our qualified guides will take you on a tour of the famous historical sights of London, the capital city of the United Kingdom, and provide full commentary.
Our business history
London-Cabbie uses only qualified taxi guides for your tour of London. All our guides are licensed professional taxi drivers and have undergone strict examinations in their knowledge of London and have been successful in the Taxi Guide examination which is organised by the Company of Hackney Drivers in the City of London.

About our staff
London-Cabbie is an association of London Cab Drivers who have an interest and enthusiasm for guiding tourists around the famous and less well known sights of London.

What makes us unique
Many cities offer tours by bus or on foot, which often means that you are part of an anonymous group. London-Cabbie will take up to five people on a special tour of London, visiting those places where no tour bus can go and can often make detours to accommodate special interest or requests.

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London Cab Tours
Gaze in wonderment at the grandeur of London's great buildings.
Squelch in the horror of London's bloody landmarks.
Revel in stories of London's historic figures - the famous & infamous alike.
Gird your loins whilst exploring London's ancient dens of iniquity & sin.
Marvel at London's secrets, its hidden and its lost.
Experience all this, whilst in the capable hands of Graham Greenglass
Your London Taxi Tour Guide.
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