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There are six black cab licensed radio taxi circuits in London, with a combined fleet of over 8000 vehicles, all operating various forms of mobile communication technology and services. We at Dial-a-Cab, with a present fleet of 2,500 mobiles, are the most advanced in this field, supported over the past five years by very successful trading.

Dial-a-Cab have for many years enjoyed the reputation of being the only licensed taxi firm in London to have a waiting list for new driver membership. Such a list allows us to be selective in who we chose. On acceptance all new applicants must undergo a full days training at our multi purpose training centre, which includes the functionality of the mobile computer terminal, public relations, client expectations, working procedures, dress code, disciplinary procedures and disability awareness. Throughout our organisation we value politeness, courtesy and promptness at all times. Not because that is what the customer expects, but because this is what we believe each and every customer deserves.

To become a London Taxi Driver, it can take up to four years of driving all over London on a motorised bike, in all weather conditions doing the 'knowledge', before obtaining the coveted 'green badge'. But before doing so, every applicant must first satisfy the Public Carriage Office (PCO) as to their suitability with regards, health, character and driving skills.

The purpose built taxi is also under the strict control of the PCO. Comprehensive annual inspections, pre-arranged or random visits to where the taxi is garaged plus random checks on taxi ranks, are undertaken by the PCO to check that all London taxicabs are maintained in good mechanical order and meet the desired standards of cleanliness and comfort. All of which gives a good indication why London's licensed Taxicabs and Drivers, with a history going back over 300 years rightly claim to be best, the safest and most knowledgeable in the World.

First time visitors to London not familiar with the laws regarding hiring taxis, should be wary of the unscrupulous methods of unlicensed mini cabs if you are approached off the street (which is illegal) or if one is booked for you by a disreputable hotel doorman etc. All licensed London taxis are fitted with a government controlled taxi meter, which shows the fare payable at the end of each journey. Inside the passenger area is a chart displaying night and holiday charges. Also in the drivers area is a copy of the drivers insurance.

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